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Autopilot Your Marketing to Engage and Grow Customers

Generative AI-Powered Solution to Curate Marketing Ideas, Create Content, and Publish Effortlessly for generating and converting more Leads.

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The Only Ideal Solution for SMBs

🧩 Marketing Strategist

Brisk AI acts as a top-tier strategy consultant to deliver tailored content ideas to engage customers.

⏰ Time Efficient

10 minutes (vs. 4+ hours) per week in content ideation, creation, and distribution.

📈 Growth Enabler

$25k Revenue growth potential on average with AI-driven, cross-channel digital marketing.

💰 Cost Effective

$6000+ yearly savings on costly and often ineffective outsourcing to agencies/ freelancers.

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🤖 Automated Content Ideas: Brisk AI delivers highly relevant content ideas based on your business context, competitive landscape, and latest developments.

🚀 SEO Optimized Content: Brisk AI ensures search-engine-optimized content, to boost your online visibility and reach.

🧩 Seamless Publishing: Effortless scheduling and integration with major platforms to build your digital presence with ease and efficiency.

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Two Ways to Use Brisk AI


Self-Managed: Be Your Own Marketer

Manage marketing directly with the Brisk AI platform.




Step 1: Input Profile: Enter your business details.

Step 2: Review Ideas: Select the content ideas in Brisk dashboard.

Step 3: Generate & Publish: Generate content, refine and publish.


Brisk Managed: Let the Pros Handle It

Utilize Brisk's experts to effortlessly manage your marketing using the Brisk AI solutions




Step 1: Share Profile: Provide your business details.

Step 2: Weekly Content: Get ready-to-use content via email or mobile.

Step 3: Assisted Publishing:  Approve & let your dedicated expert publish




USD 69.9 per month

For SMBs (and Freelancers looking to up their game)

✔️ Automatic SEO Keywords Identification

✔️ Unlimited Content Ideas

✔️ Unlimited AI content generation

✔️ Advanced Editor to refine content

✔️ One Click Publishing to Blog and Social platforms

✔️ Simplified Performance Analytics

✔️ Personalized training

✔️ Premium Support


  • Brisk Managed Blogs

  • Social Media Management

$200 per month

$300 per month

Thanks for your interst. We'll contact you soon!

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